Hi ! I'm the Farmer's wife. I'm in charge of everything that grows on the land and I'm in charge of everything we eat as a family. My first language is French, and our kids use both languages fluently, though all jumbled up.

To help with the planning of our move to the country, the husband and I had to separate tasks. His role and his research is to find out all we have to know about raising animals for meat, eggs, dairy, etc. And also everything that has to do with housing, water, etc.

My role is to find out what we want and need to grow to feed our family and our livestock. I need to find out what type of soil we need, what seeds we want to buy, how long does everything need to grow, how to harvest, how to collect and save seeds to plant them next year. And after that, I want to find out how I will preserve all of that food through the winter.

I've recently added a potato patch behind the house and we've discovered a patch  of Jerusalem Artichokes on the land.

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