Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring madness

So many things kick off in the Spring.  We have a never ending "to-do" list.  As things get scratched off two more get added.  And with Susane and Danielle joining the "tribe" in about a month, it adds a whole new set of chores to get done.

We picked up 15 chicks this week.  They look adorable and should start giving us eggs in about 5 months.  They are currently in my mom's empty bedroom, all warm and cozy until they are strong enough to be moved in the coop.

The bucks have left the barn and are back in their pasture after a long winter indoors.

We are milking our three does once a day and have more milk than we can drink.  So I've been making cheese.  Tonight we had pasta with fresh cubed goat cheese thrown in there.  yummy!
The ladies and their babies have been pasturing daily and seem to really appreciate the green grass.
fresh goat cheese in pasta sauce

My house is invaded by seedling..... The weather has been dreadful.  Windy, cold, grey.  I was planning to have the broccoli and herbs outside in pots by now but instead they are sitting in front of the window with a lamp.

Apart from that we've been fixing fencing, preparing garden beds, cleaning up barns and workshop, breeding rabbits, home schooling the kids, and all that homesteading entails.  It's mad !!!

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