Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goats: births, still-births... and The Tank rumbles on

Whilst Lydia's kid (Ludovic?) is doing great, we woke the next morning to find Samara had kidded twins in the night. Both were already dead when we arrived. Fortunately Samara is fine, we're milking her colostrum twice daily and storing it in case Abbey's kids need to be bottle-fed.

Which brings me to Abbey, or The Tank, as I like to call her. She's still pregnant. And huge. Outrageously huge. We're checking her every hour during daylight hours with a 1am visit too. So far... nothing.

And on that note, it's probably time for another visit. Gratuitous pics of day-old Ludovic to follow...


  1. He's really cute. Sorry about your loss with Samara. Any idea what happened? Good luck with Abbey!

  2. What a little love. Sorry about Samara. And best wishes with the Tank.

    Alyss Glass

  3. Thanks guys!

    We figure that Samara's mothering instincts must have been almost completely absent. And instead of doing mamma's job at birth which is to clean the babies to stimulate them and keep them warm, then feeding, obviously, she probably stepped away and wondering what the hell was happening.

    The most important thing we ever had to do at goat births was to lead the babies towards the udder to show them where food is. I remember when Abby had her twins last year, she was so involved with the first baby that was ignoring the second one until we shoved it in her face.

    We have been milking Samara from day one and are very surprised with her capacities as a milker. She is very stable on the milking stand, very docile, her udder is fairly small but she is giving more milk every day, as we speak she is giving a little more than a cup of milk, twice a day.

    Abby is about to explode and we promise to take a picture before she gives birth to keep record of her impressive size.