Thursday, December 1, 2011

Since last month

It has been over a month since we last wrote on the blog.

It's not that nothing is happening, but with the whole family getting sick with the flu, it kinda slowed down to a crawl.

The renovations on the house are finished and we have settled into our 2 new rooms.  The root cellar is just a bit warmer than a refrigerator, which is perfect and very useful to store crates of fruit and loads of other foods.  But we aren't using it as a proper root cellar this year since the garden hadn't been sown to be harvested so late.  We will use it to store fresh vegetables next year.  The mudroom is also very nice and spacious with every tool on hand and a lot of room for the outside gear.


mudroom other angle
root cellar

Gary now has a woodshed and it's filling up quickly with dry wood.  Gary spends a lot of time in that shelter cutting up wood and stacking.  The garden has been extended and we had to fence it up to keep dogs and wildlife out as much as possible.

The goats have been bred and put back into their respective pens.  The boys are actually back in the barn after spending all summer and fall in their forested pasture with a three sided shelter.  We don't have snow on the ground yet but it's coming pretty soon.  We've had a couple of nights at -10 celcius and some flurries.  So water in the buckets has started to freeze and the frequent visits with flasks of boiling water have begun to keep livestock well hydrated.  And by the way, everyone is healthy. Hens are laying, rabbits are making babies (at a slower rate, for winter), goats are giving a bit more milk now that Samara is finally weaned.

Now that we are back on our feet and that the coughing has come to an end, we'll try to be productive during this magic time of the year: Fall.  When temperatures aren't yet freezing and the bugs aren't biting.


  1. Good to have you back. I missed you

  2. Good job on the wood cutting shrine Gary! Got to build me one of those to protect my super-duper saw buck, I built it specifically for crosscut bucking with heavy ends and squatted down so it wont flip over when sawing. I built the damn thing with an axe, auger, screws and screw driver, hence why I want it to last. was a lot of work.

  3. I do love my woodshed! It was pretty miserable last winter having to work out in the open so when the funds became available a woodshed/workshop was a must-have for me.

    Built that sawhorse with some scrap wood lying around. Nothing special but it'll do until I finally get around to building the one out of notched and tied logs I have in my head. Got the logs peeled, just need to notch 'em and put it together. Eventually, eh?

  4. I might have asked ya this recently or not, but have you gotten a chance to bring your CC along for a test run? If you have any questions, I might be able to do some translating from filer speak to normal folk speak.. Seriously, took me a long time to just figure out what the hell they were talking about...